What is redux template?

Redux Template is a JavaScript library for managing the state of your application. It provides an interface for managing the state in a predictable and immutable way, making it easy to test and debug code. Redux Template is often used with React, but it can be used with any view library or even without one. This library is popular because it makes it simple to manage application state and is highly compatible with React.

At its core, Redux Template is a state container. It uses the concept of a store, an object that holds the current state of your application. Reducers are pieces of code that specify how the state should be updated when an action is dispatched. Reducers can be combined to create more complex state management solutions.

If you are looking for a way to manage the state of your application, Redux Template is worth considering. It provides a simple and predictable way to manage application state, making it easy to test and debug code.

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