Why React over Angular?

Why React Over Angular?

React and Angular are the two most popular JavaScript frameworks for creating web applications. Both frameworks have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it can be difficult to decide which is the best choice for your project. Here, we will discuss why React is a better choice than Angular for developing web applications.

Faster Rendering

The most important advantage of React over Angular is its faster rendering. React uses a virtual DOM (Document Object Model) which updates only the parts of the DOM that need to be updated, rather than re-rendering the entire page every time there is a change. This makes React faster and more efficient than Angular.

Flexible and Scalable

React is highly flexible and scalable, making it easy to create web applications of any complexity. It also allows developers to create custom React components, which can be reused in other projects. This makes it easy to create complex web applications without having to write a lot of code.

Less Code

React requires less code than Angular, making it easier to learn and use. This is especially beneficial for developers who are just starting out with web development. React’s component-based structure also makes it easier to debug and maintain code.

Better Support

React is backed by a large community of developers and is supported by Facebook, which means that any issues or questions can be quickly resolved. Angular, on the other hand, is not backed by such a large community and does not have the same level of support.


React is a better choice than Angular for developing web applications. It is faster, more flexible, and requires less code. It also has better support and a larger community of developers. For these reasons, React is the ideal choice for building modern web applications.

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